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I'm Martie, also known as The OMAD Mama! I've lost close to 80 lbs in the last year just by living an intermittent fasting lifestyle. Yes, you really can eat what you love and still lose weight. Look around to learn all about how!

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November 15, On This Week's Episode:

Episode #20- Surviving The Holidays!!

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Hey friends!

The holidays don’t have to be a stressful time! And you don’t have to undo all the great work that you’ve accomplished just because the holidays are here.

Click here to listen!  Martie will share some tips on how to get through this time of year! 

By the way, this is the last episode of Season 1! 😱 🤗Thank you all for listening over these last few months! Meanwhile you can always go back and download episodes that you’ve missed or episodes that you want to hear again! Don’t forget to share with a friend getting started on IF and who needs to hear these episodes💛


Can’t wait for Season #2! 

Happy Holidays! Thank you for listening💛🙏🏾

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